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Seth Miers

I'm currently an Electrical and Computer Engineer attending the University of Colorado at Boulder. I seek to become the best engineer through both my studies and hands on experience.

Why I love what I do

When it comes down to it, I simply just like to build things, and I like to know how things work from the ground up. That goes to say, even though I have a wide array of programming languages under my belt, I often prefer to spend the extra time to know the in and outs of a program by writing it in assembly. Or even better, I like to know exactly how the hardware is setup. This could be in the form of a microcontroller controlling peripheral devices such as an ADC or a thermal sensor, or simply just knowing the given antenna configuration.

Where did it begin?

I believe my love for engineering started at a very early age when my father showed me how much fun science can be. My dad wouldn't just answer my questions, but he'd often have me answer them by setting up some form of experiment. My dad not only taught me the answer, but he also taught me how to find the answer, and he continues to do so. He pushes me to derive equations on my own to memorize them, and he shows me how to repair things before taking it to someone else to do.

However, most of the work I always did would have been lost if it weren't for my mother teaching me how to organize everything in my life; starting with just making my bed, to writing my college notes in different colors so I can find specific topics more easily.

Besides Engineering, what do I do?

While I do many things that aren't engineering, I often find that engineering isn't just having a degree and a good job, but it also means to be learning at all times. I find myself learning in everything I do whether it be running, slacklining, crossfit, or just hanging out with my friends. I challenge you to just try to find something listed on my hobbies page that I haven't learned something in.


While everything I do and have experienced can't be listed on a simple 1 page piece of paper, I understand it often helps employers get a grasp on who I am very quickly.

My resume can be downloaded here.

Websites I enjoy

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